Using Lifecycle Management With Version Control Systems

With Lifecycle Management, you can use your existing document or source code-control systems, such as Oracle® Universal Content Management, to version EPM System artifacts. The most effective approach is to export artifacts to the file system and then import them to the version control system before importing them into production.

Figure 3. Version Management Using Lifecycle Management

This image illustrates how to use your existing document or source code control systems with Lifecycle Management.

This approach can be automated in several ways, depending on the production control tool used. For example, automation can be achieved by writing a script that first imports the exported artifacts to the version control system and then imports to the production system. By inserting this change in the process, we ensure that the artifacts in the production system are always in the corporate version control system with proper date metadata. Then the customer can answer questions, such as: if the system was working properly last week and it is not working now, what changes to the artifacts have been migrated to production during the last week? If the version control system supports a compare feature, it can provide differences for EPM System artifacts that are text- or XML-based.

For details about migrating to and from the file system, see Migrating Artifacts.