The EPMImportAll Utility imports all the applications cloned in EPMExportAll into another environment.

When using EPMImportAll, consider the following:

  • You can only execute EPMImportAll in an environment where there are no applications for Planning, Financial Management, and Profitability and Cost Management.

  • You must copy the cloned export content in the EPMExportAll folder from the source environment to the target environment in the same File System folder location.

  • By default EPMImportAll uses the import.xml from the EPMExportAll folder to execute the import.

EPMImportAll takes a properties file (input.properties) as input. The input.properties file contains the user name and password.

For example:



epm_cloneimport.bat input.properties


epm_cloneimport.sh input.properties

The output from the epm_cloneimport.bat/sh command is generated in the Lifecycle Management default File System location. An EPM_CloneExport folder is created along with the import MDF files.