Deployment Directory Structure and Location Reference

The following illustration shows the enterprise deployment directory structure on each server. Binaries and configuration files for each EPM System component are located only on the server on which the component is installed. For example, Essbase binaries and configuration files, along with Essbase data directory (not shown in the illustration), are located on the Essbase host server (ESSHOST1 in the deployment diagram).

Directory structure of a typical EPM System deployment

Data directories of EPM System products other than Essbase are located on a shared disk that must be accessible from all the servers in the deployment. Because EPM System components are not installed on the shared disk, the shared disk does not have the directory structure depicted in the illustration. The shared disk hosts data directories for:

  • Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Repository directory

  • Exported or imported artifacts using Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Lifecycle Management

  • Oracle Essbase Studio sample and customer data source text files

  • Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance data

  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition data

This document refers to the following installation and deployment locations:

  • MIDDLEWARE_HOME refers to the location of middleware components such as Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle HTTP Server, Java, and, optionally, one EPM_ORACLE_HOME or more. The MIDDLEWARE_HOME is defined during EPM System product installation. The default MIDDLEWARE_HOME directory is Oracle/Middleware.

  • EPM_ORACLE_HOME refers to the installation directory containing the files required to support EPM System products. EPM_ORACLE_HOME resides within MIDDLEWARE_HOME. The default EPM_ORACLE_HOME is MIDDLEWARE_HOME/EPMSystem11R1; for example, Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1.

  • EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE denotes a location that is defined during the configuration process where some products deploy components. The default location is EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE is MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/empsystem1; for example, Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/empsystem1.

  • WEBLOGIC_DOMAIN_HOME refers to the directory that contains the WebLogic Server domain configuration for EPM System.