Bindows Framework Developers Kit, Bindows Linker, Bindows Compile

Version: None specified

Vendor: MB Technologies, Inc.

This component was licensed through acquisition of Hyperion and is approved ONLY for use in the products and bundles shipping at the time of the acquisition. It may not be used in new Oracle products or bundles, licensed in any new outbound model, or otherwise utilized in connection with any new use case without consulting Oracle Legal and obtaining any necessary additional approvals.

May not allow the modification, removal, alteration, erasing, covering or obscuring of any copyright notice or any other notice or mark appearing on the MB Products or copies/media. Access to the MB Products is limited to those employees and contractors of ORCL requiring access for the agreement purposes who have signed a confidentiality agreement agreeing to protect third party confidential info with terms no less stringent than those in the agreement.

May use MB's then current names, marks, etc. in accordance with MB's quality standards and only during agreement term and as soon as possible thereafter but no longer than up to 6 months thereafter