Financial Management Logs

Table 18. Financial Management Log Files

Component Default Log Location Log File Name and Contents
Financial Management


  • xfm.odl.<APPLICATION_NAME>.log—Financial Management Application Server core activity (per application)

  • oracle-epm-fm-hsx-server.log—Financial Management Java Server log

  • oracle-epm-fm-bi-publisher.log—Logs for Financial Management to BI Publisher interaction

  • oracle-epm-fm-hsx-registry.log—Logs for Financial Management to Shared Services Registry interaction

  • oracle-epm-fm-lcm-client.log—Logs for Financial Management to Lifecycle Management interaction

  • SharedServices_Security.log—Logs for Financial Management to Shared Services Security API interaction

Note the following:

  • UsedCPU=n.nnnnn;—total processor CPU usage (sum of all processes CPU usage);

  • ProcUsedCPU=n.nnnnn;—current XDS process CPU usage;

Financial Management Web Application
  • MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/EPMSystem/servers/HFMWeb0/logs/hfm

  • MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_ projects/domains/EPMSystem/servers/HFMWeb0/logs/

  • oracle-epm-fm.log—Financial Management Java web application activity

  • oracle-adf.log—Financial Management ADF logs

  • HFMWeb0.log—Financial Management domain logs

  • HFMWeb0diagnostic.log— Financial Management domain diagnostic logs

  • oracle-jrf.log—Financial Management JRF logs

Financial Management Web Services MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/EPMSystem/servers/HFMWeb0/logs/hfm

epm-fm-webservices.log—WebLogic web service activity for Financial Close Management