1013000 to 1013999: Requestor Messages

Table 7. Requestor Messages 1013000 to 1013999

Message Number Message Possible Cause Possible Solution


Administrator Has Temporarily Disabled User Commands

When a database is being restructured or any application/database on the server is being copied, you can get this message.

When a cube is being restructured, commands are restricted because the integrity of the cube has to be stable and no one is allowed to access it.

Copying an application requires that the Essbase security file be in read/write mode and therefore other applications are not accessible until the process is completed.

In Application Settings, verify that the Allow Commands or Allow Updates options are not selected.


Invalid login id - please login again

Restructuring outline using EsbOtlRestructure VB API function causes error.

This function requires you to have the appropriate level of access to the specified application and/or database to contain the outline object.

Verify that you have Application Designer or Database Designer privileges (ESB_PRIV_APPDESIGN or ESB_PRIV_DBDESIGN) for the specified application or database containing the outline.