Determining Operating System Privileges

The Essbase Agent must be assigned the correct operating system privileges to run, regardless of the privileges of the user who starts the Agent.

If the Agent is not assigned the correct privileges, change the privileges using the operating system or reinstall Essbase using the correct privileges.


If Essbase is running on a UNIX computer, the Agent runs as the ESSSVR process. The ESSSVR process must have root privileges.

  To check privileges, in the ESSBASEPATH/bin directory, enter ls -l ESSBASE.

The file should have these read, write, and execute privileges:

159749 -rwxr-xr-x   1 essbase staff     730168 Aug 31 05:06 ESSBASE

On Windows:

If Oracle Essbase is installed on a Windows computer, the Agent runs as the essbase.exe process, which must be assigned Administrator privileges.

  To check privileges:

  1. In ESSBASEPATH/bin, select essbase.exe, right click and select Properties to open the essbase.exe dialog box.

  2. In the essbase.exe dialog box, click Security.

  3. On Security, click Advanced, to open Access Control Settings.

  4. In Access Control Settings, click Owner.

  5. Verify that Owner is set to Administrator.