Unlocking Objects

Users lock objects while performing some operations on them.

If an object that you need is locked, try these solutions, in order.

  1. Wait for the user request to finish normally.

  2. Check to see which users have requests running. If necessary, terminate those requests.

  3. Check to see which users have objects locked. If necessary, unlock those objects at the client.

  4. If this does not solve the problem, unlock the object at the server.

    1. In the Agent window, use the DUMP command to get a list of locked objects. If you are on a UNIX platform, you must run Essbase in the foreground.

    2. Open the text file generated by the DUMP command. Information about locks is at the end of the file in the Locked Objects section.

    3. Unlock objects not currently being used.

  5. If the object remains locked, stop and restart Essbase Server.