Consolidates database values. This command ignores all member formulas, consolidating only parent/child relationships.

The AGG command performs a limited set of high-speed consolidations. Although AGG is faster than the CALC commands when calculating sparse dimensions, it cannot calculate formulas; it can only perform aggregations based on the database structure. AGG aggregates a list of sparse dimensions based on the hierarchy defined in the database outline. If a member has a formula, it is ignored, and the result does not match the relationship defined by the database outline.

If you want to aggregate a dimension that contains formulas:

  1. Calculate any members that are "leaf" members (that is, level 0).

  2. Aggregate the dimension, using the AGG command.

  3. Calculate all other members with formulas that have not been calculated yet.


AGG (dimList);
Parameter Description


Name of a dimension or comma-separated list of dimensions.


  • AGG only works with sparse dimensions.

  • When a dimension contains fewer than six consolidation levels, AGG is typically faster than CALC. Conversely, the CALC command is usually faster on dimensions with six or more levels.

  • AGG follows the rules for any defined FIX command.



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