Returns all ancestors of the specified member, including ancestors of any occurrences of the specified member as a shared member. This function excludes the specified member.


Parameter Description


Any valid single member name or member combination, or a function that returns a single member or member combination.


  • Essbase sorts the generated list of members in ascending order of the member number in the outline. Using Sample Basic as an example, if you specify 100-20 for mbrName, 100, Diet, and Product are returned (in that order). However, the order in which shared ancestors are returned is not guaranteed. This order is important to consider when you use the @ALLANCESTORS member set function with certain forecasting and statistical functions.

  • You can use @ALLANCESTORS as a parameter of another function, where that parameter is a list of members.


The following example is based on the Sample Basic database. Sample Basic has a shared level of diet drinks, which includes 100-20 (Diet Cola). So 100-20 (Diet Cola) is a descendant of 100 (Colas) and is a shared member descendant of Diet:

      100-20 (Shared Member)

The following calculation script increases by 5% the Budget->Sales values of all ancestors of 100-20, including Diet.

Sales = Sales * 1.05;

This example produces the following report. This report shows that the Budget->Sales values for 100, Diet, and Product (the ancestors of 100-20) have been increased by 5%. The original values were 8980, 8260, and 28480, respectively.

                     Actual      Budget
                     Sales       Sales
                     =====       =====
Market  100-10       4860        5200
        100-20       2372        2610
        100-30       1082        1170
         100         8314        9429  *
        100-20       2372        2610
        200-20       3122        3090
        300-30       2960        2560
         Diet        8454        8673  *
          Product   31538       30954  *                  

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