Returns, for the current member being calculated, the associated attribute value from the specified Boolean attribute dimension.


Parameter Description


The name of a Boolean attribute dimension.


  • The @ATTRIBUTEBVAL function works only with Boolean attribute dimensions. To return values from numeric or date attribute dimensions, use this @ATTRIBUTEVAL function. To return values from text attribute dimensions, use the @ATTRIBUTESVAL function. For more information on types of attributes, see the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator's Guide.

  • If no attribute is associated with the member being calculated or if the attribute associated with the member is a text, numeric, or date attribute, @ATTRIBUTEBVAL returns #MISSING.

  • Only level 0 members of attribute dimensions can be associated as attributes of members of a base dimension.


This example is based on the Sample Basic database.

The Product dimension is associated with the Caffeinated Boolean attribute dimension, as shown in the following example:

Product {Caffeinated}
       100-10 {Caffeinated:True}
       100-20 {Caffeinated:True}
       100-30 {Caffeinated:False}
       200-10 {Caffeinated:True}
       200-20 {Caffeinated:True}
       200-30 {Caffeinated:False}
       200-40 {Caffeinated:False}
Caffeinated Attribute {Type: Boolean}

For the current member of the base dimension Product, the function @ATTRIBUTEBVAL(Caffeinated) returns the associated attribute value from the Boolean attribute dimension, Caffeinated. The following table shows the value that would be returned.

Current Member Return Value
100-10 True
100-20 True
100-30 False
200-10 True
200-20 True
200-30 False
200-40 False
Product #MISSING

For any any member that does not have an associated attribute, #MISSING is returned. Only one value is returned at a time.

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