Returns, for the current member being calculated, the associated attribute value from the specified text attribute dimension.


Parameter Description


The name of a text attribute dimension.


  • The @ATTRIBUTESVAL function works only with text attribute dimensions. To return values from numeric or date attribute dimensions, use the @ATTRIBUTEVAL function. To return values from Boolean attribute dimensions, use the @ATTRIBUTEBVAL function. For more information on types of attributes, see the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator's Guide.

  • If no attribute is associated with the member being calculated or if the attribute associated with the member is a numeric, Boolean, or date attribute, @ATTRIBUTESVAL returns an empty string.

  • Only level 0 members of attribute dimensions can be associated as attributes of members of a base dimension.


This example is based on the Sample Basic database.

The Product dimension is associated with the Pkg Type text attribute dimension, as shown in the following example:

Product {Pkg Type}
       100-10 {Pkg Type:Can}
       100-20 {Pkg Type:Can}
       100-30 {Pkg Type:Bottle}
       200-10 {Pkg Type:Bottle}
       200-20 {Pkg Type:Bottle}
       200-30 {Pkg Type:Bottle}
       200-40 {Pkg Type:Bottle}
Pkg Type Attribute {Type: Text}

For the current member of the base dimension, Product, the function


returns the associated attribute value from the text attribute dimension, Pkg Type. The following table shows the value that would be returned:

Current Member Return Value
100-10 Can
100-20 Can
100-30 Bottle
100 (empty string)
200-10 Bottle
200-20 Bottle
200-30 Bottle
200-40 Bottle
200 (empty string)
Product (empty string)

For any member that does not have an associated attribute, an empty string is returned.

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