Enables global setting of formula execution mode.

This setting does not apply to aggregate storage databases.


CALCMODE [appname [dbname]] [BLOCK | BOTTOMUP]
  • appname—Optional. If you specify an application, all the databases in that application are affected by the CALCMODE setting. If you leave out the application and database name parameters, the CALCMODE setting applies to the entire server.

  • dbname—Optional. If you specify an application and database, the database you specify is affected by the CALCMODE setting. If you do not specify an application with the database, the CALCMODE setting will fail.

  • BLOCK—Turns on block calculation mode.

  • BOTTOMUP—Turns on bottom-up calculation mode.


CALCMODE configuration setting allows you to set the calculation mode at the server, application, or database level instead of indicating it in a calculation script using @CALCMODE.



Turns on block calculation mode for all databases and applications in the server.

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