Returns the member that is currently being calculated in the specified dimension (dimName). This function can be used as a parameter of another function, where that parameter is a single member or a list of members.


@CURRMBR (dimName)
Parameter Description


A single dimension name.


  • You cannot use the @CURRMBR function in a FIX statement.

  • You cannot use the @CURRMBR function on the left-hand side of a formula.

  • The time required for retrieval and calculation may be significantly longer if this function is in a formula attached to a member tagged as Dynamic Calc or Dynamic Calc and Store.


If you use @CURRMBR to return a member name which is then concatenated with other names to get a final member name, it may result in an invalid member name, depending on the current intersection being calculated. For example: @MEMBER(@CONCATENATE(@NAME (@CURRMBR ("Account")),"_Total"))


In the Sample Basic database,


returns Jan if the current member of Year being calculated is Jan.

As a more complex example, consider the following formula in the context of the Sample Basic database. Assume that the Measures dimension contains an additional member, Average Sales.

        "Average Sales"

This formula populates each upper-level member of the Product dimension (100, 200) at Average Sales. To calculate Average Sales, the Sales values for the level 0 members of Product are averaged and placed in their respective parent members. The Average Sales values for the level 0 Product members are the same as the Sales values, as specified by the IF statement in the calculation script.

This example produces the following report:

          Jan        New York       Actual                
              Sales        Average Sales        
              =====        =============          
100-10          5               5       
100-20         10              10       
100-30         15              15       
  100          30              10       
200-10         20              20       
200-20         25              25       
200-30         30              30       
200-40         35              35       
  200         110              27.5     
  300         #MI             #MI
  400         #MI             #MI       
  Diet         35              11.67    
Product       140              35       

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