Copies a range of data cells to another range within the database.

This command is useful when you must maintain an original set of data values and perform changes on the copied data set.

DATACOPY is commonly used as part of the Currency Conversion process. DATACOPY is also useful when you need to define multiple iterations of plan data.

To reduce typing, if any dimension(s) represented by the members in mbrName1 are not represented in mbrName2, then by default the same member or members from mbrName1 are assumed to exist in mbrName2 to complete the range. The reverse is not true. Any dimension explicitly represented in mbrName2 MUST be represented by another member of the same dimension in mbrName1.

The ranges specified by both mbrName1 and mbrName2 must be of the same size. The same dimensions represented by the members that make up mbrName1 must also be present in mbrName2.


DATACOPY mbrName1 TO mbrName2;
Parameter Description

mbrName1 and mbrName2

Any valid single member name or member combination.


  • The size of the copied dimensions must be equal to the destination (TO) size.

  • DATACOPY follows the rules for any defined FIX command.

  • To prevent creation of #MISSING blocks, add the following calculation command to your script:



DATACOPY Plan TO Revised_Plan;

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