Returns TRUE if the current member belongs to the list of base members that are associated with an attribute that satisfies the conditions you specify.


@ISMBRWITHATTR (dimName, "operator", value)
Parameter Description


Single varying attribute dimension name.


Operator specification, which must be enclosed in quotation marks ("").


A value that, in combination with the operator, defines the condition that must be met. The value can be a varying attribute member specification, a constant, or a date-format function (that is, @TODATE).


  • This function provides the same functionality as @IsMbr(@WithAttr()), but is faster.

  • This function is a superset of the @ISATTRIBUTE function. The following two formulas return the same member set:

    @ISMBRWITHATTR("Pkg Type","==",Bottle)

    However, the following formula can be performed only with @ISMBRWITHATTR (not with @ISATTRIBUTE) because you specify a condition:

  • If you specify a date attribute with the @ISMBRWITHATTR function, you must use the @TODATE function in the string parameter to convert the date string to a number. For more information, see the topic for the @TODATE function.

  • The following operators are supported:

    Operator Description
    > Greater than
    >= Greater than or equal to
    < Less than
    <= Less than or equal to
    = = Equal to
    <> or != Not equal to
    IN In

When using Boolean attributes with @ISMBRWITHATTR, use only the actual Boolean attribute member name, or use 1 (for True or Yes) or 0 (for False or No). You cannot use True/Yes and False/No interchangeably.

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