MDX Tuple Specification

This section shows rules for tuple specifications.

A tuple is a collection of member(s) with the restriction that no two members can be from the same dimension. For example, (Actual, Sales) is a tuple. (Actual, Budget) is not a tuple, as both members are from the same dimension.


<tuple> ::= 
      | ( <member> [, <member> ].. )
      | <tuple_value_expression>
<member>A member name. If a member name contains spaces or special characters, enclose it in brackets [ ]. It is good practice to use brackets for member names, even if they do not contain special characters. Example: [West]
( <member> [, <member> ].. )One or more member names, separated by commas. The members must be from different dimensions. The list of members must be enclosed in parentheses ( ). Example: ( [West], [Feb] )
<tuple_value_expression>An instance of a function that extracts a tuple from a set. There are two such functions available:


A tuple represents a single data cell if all dimensions are represented. For example, this tuple from Sample Basic is a single data value:

( [Qtr1], [Sales], [Cola], [Florida], [Actual] )