Returns the minimum value of mbrName across XrangeList.


@MINRANGE (mbrName [ ,XrangeList])
Parameter Description


Any valid single member name or member combination, or a function that returns a single member or member combination.


Optional. A valid member name, a comma-delimited list of member names, cross dimension members, or a member set function or range function (including @XRANGE) that returns a list of members from the same dimension. If XrangeList is not specified, Essbase uses the level 0 members from the dimension tagged as Time.


Depending on the values in the list, @MINRANGE may return a zero(0) or #MISSING value. For full control over skipping or inclusion of zero(0) and #MISSING values, Oracle recommends using the @MINSRANGE function instead of the @MINRANGE function.


In the Sample Basic database:

Qtr1 = @MINRANGE(Sales,Jan:Mar);

produces the following report:

            Colas   New York   Actual                    
          Jan     Feb     Mar     Qtr1
          ===     ===     ===     ====
Sales     678     645     675     645 

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