Calculates the period-to-date values of members in the dimension tagged as Time. By default, data is summed unless Accounts are tagged as "First" or "Last".


@PTD (XrangeList)
Parameter Description


Range of members from the dimension tagged as Time.

Can be a valid member name, a comma-delimited list of member names, cross dimensional members, or a return value from a member set function or range function (including @XRANGE).

For more information about XrangeList, see Range List Parameters in the topic Range and Financial Functions.


  • Financial functions never return a value; rather, they calculate a series of values internally based on the range specified.

  • You can use the @PTD function only if the outline contains a dimension tagged as Accounts.


In this example, assume that the Year dimension in the Sample Basic database outline contains two additional members, YTD and QTD. Using a calculation script, the YTD and QTD members are calculated as follows:

YTD = @PTD(Jan:May);
QTD = @PTD(Apr:May);

In this example Opening Inventory is tagged with a time balance of First, and Ending Inventory is tagged with a time balance of Last.

This example produces the following report:

                            Product   Market   Scenario                                                         
                   Sales    Opening Inventory     Ending Inventory
                   =====    =================     ================
Jan                31538         117405               116434
Feb                32069         116434               115558
Mar                32213         115558               119143
  Qtr1             95820         117405               119143
Apr                32917         119143               125883
May                33674         125883               136145
Jun                35088         136145               143458
  Qtr2            101679         119143               143458
QTD                66591         245026               262028
YTD               162411         117405               136145

The following example assumes a Year dimension is added to Sample Basic. It calculates YTD using a multidimensional range.

FIX("100-10", "New York")
YTD = @PTD(@XRANGE("2011"->"Sep", "2012"->"Mar"));

The above calculation is performed across the following multidimensional range specified by XrangeList:


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