Enables parallel calculation in place of the default serial calculation.

Essbase analyzes each pass of a calculation to determine whether parallel calculation is possible. If it is not, Essbase uses serial calculation even if CALCPARALLEL is set.


Parameter Description


A required parameter, an integer from 1 to 64 on 32-bit platforms or from 1 to 128 on 64-bit platforms, specifying the number of threads to be made available for parallel calculation. The default value specifies serial calculation: no parallel calculation takes place. Values 1 to 64 (1 to 128 on 64-bit) specify parallel calculation with 1 to 64 (or 1 to 128) threads. Values of 0 specify serial calculation. Values less than 0 return an error. Values greater than the maximum are interpreted as the maximum (64 or 128).


Values less than 0 are treated differently than they are by the CALCPARALLEL configuration file setting.


  • A number of features are affected by parallel calculation. See the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator's Guide for a list of these effects and for detailed information about how Essbase performs parallel calculation.

  • If your outline generates many empty tasks, thus reducing opportunities for parallel calculation, consider setting the CALCTASKDIMS configuration setting to increase the number of tasks and to decrease the size of each task identified for parallel calculation. See the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator's Guide for more information about what kind of outlines or calculation scripts generate many empty tasks.

  • Consider setting the value of CALCPARALLEL to one less than the number of available processors. This saves one processor for use either by the operating system or by the Essbase process that writes out dirty blocks from the calculator cache.

  • You can use SET CALCPARALLEL in a calculation script to override a CALCPARALLEL configuration setting entry in the Essbase configuration file (essbase.cfg).



Enables up to three threads to be used to perform calculation tasks at the same time.

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