Returns the summation of all the values in expList.


@SUM (expList)
Parameter Description


Comma-delimited list of member specifications, variable names, or numeric expressions, all of which provide numeric values.


In the Sample Basic database:

FIX("Total Expenses")

Since the calculation script fixes on Total Expenses, the value for Total Expenses->West is equal to the sum of the value for East and the values for the states making up the West. For Sales, West and East are simply the sum of the states making up each region (that is, Sales->West is not equal to the sum of East and West). This example produces the following report:

                  Product    Qtr1    Actual
                   Sales    Total Expenses      
                   =====    ==============   
New York            7705        2068    
Massachusetts       3660         892    
Florida             4132        1313    
Connecticut         3472        1087    
New Hampshire       1652         801    
  East             20621        6161    
California         11056        2742    
Oregon              5058        1587    
Washington          4835        1621    
Utah                4209        1544    
Nevada              6516        2193    
  West             31674       15848    

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