Returns the summation of all the values of the specified member (mbrName) across the specified range (XrangeList).


@SUMRANGE (mbrName [,XrangeList])
Parameter Description


Any valid single member name, or a function that returns a single member.


Cross-dimensional member combination is not supported for mbrName for this function.


Optional. A valid member name, a comma-delimited list of member names, cross dimension members, or a member set function or range function (including @XRANGE) that returns a list of members from the same dimension. If XrangeList is not specified, Essbase uses the level 0 members from the dimension tagged as Time.


The following example is based on the Sample Basic database. Assume that the Year dimension contains an additional member, Partial Year. The formula for Partial Year sums the values for New York across the range of Jan through Jun. The calculation script fixes on Sales, so this formula is applied only to Sales values.

"Partial Year"=@SUMRANGE("New York",Jan:Jun);
This example produces the following report:
           Actual   New York   Colas                       
Jan                   678               
Feb                   645               
Mar                   675               
Apr                   712               
May                   756               
Jun                   890               
Partial Year         4356               

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