Calculates the periodic amount (usually annual) that an asset in the current period may be depreciated, across a range of periods. The depreciation method used is sum of the year's digits.

The SYD method assumes that depreciation amounts are higher at the earlier stages of the asset's life. Thus, XrangeList can be used to specify a period to calculate.

More than one asset may be depreciated over the range. The value is depreciated from its entry period to the last period in the range. The resulting value represents the sum of all per-period depreciation values of each asset.


@SYD (costMbr, salvageMbrConst, lifeMbrConst [, XrangeList])
Parameter Description


Single member specification representing an input asset for the current period.


Single member specification, variable name, or numeric expression, providing a constant numeric value. This value is the value of the asset in the current period after the useful life of the asset.


Single member specification, variable name, or numeric expression representing the useful life of the asset.


Optional parameter specifying the range over which the function accepts input and returns depreciation values. If a range is not specified, Essbase uses the level 0 members from the dimension tagged as Time.

Can be a valid member name, a comma-delimited list of member names, cross dimensional members, or a return value from a member set function or range function (including @XRANGE).

For more information about rangeList and XrangeList, see Range List Parameters in the topic Range and Financial Functions.


Financial functions never return a value; rather, they calculate a series of values internally based on the range specified.


In this example, the depreciation for each year is calculated by taking into account the initial asset (Asset), the salvage value of the asset (Residual), and the life of the asset (Life).

"SYD Dep"=@SYD(Asset,Residual,Life,FY1999:FY2002,FY2003);

This example produces the following report:

          FY1999    FY2000    FY2001    FY2002    FY2003
          ======    ======    ======    ======    ======          
Asset     9,000         0       1,000       0          0
Residual 750.00      0.00        0.00    0.00          0
Life       5.00  #MISSING        3.00    0.00       0.00
SYD Dep    2750      2200        2150    1433        717

The following example assumes a Year dimension is added to Sample Basic. It calculates depreciation using a multidimensional range.

FIX ("100-10", "New York")
"SYD Dep" = @SYD(Asset,Residual,Life,@XRANGE("2011"->"Sep", "2012"->"Mar"));

The above calculation is performed across the following multidimensional range specified by XrangeList:


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