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1 About Financial Close Management

2 About Close Manager

3 Setting Up Close Manager

4 Managing Close Manager Teams

5 Navigating in Close Manager

6 Managing Task Types

7 Managing Templates

8 Managing Tasks

9 Managing Schedules

10 Using Report Binders in Close Manager

11 About Supplemental Data Manager

12 Setting Up Supplemental Data Manager

13 Managing Supplemental Data Manager Teams

14 Navigating in Supplemental Data Manager

15 Working With Dimensions

16 Working With Data Sets

17 Managing Form Templates

18 Working with Forms

19 Managing Data Collection Workflow

20 Using Currency Translation

21 About Account Reconciliation Manager

22 Setting Up Account Reconciliation Manager

23 Navigating in Account Reconciliation Manager

24 Managing Profiles

25 Managing Reconciliations

26 About Reconciliation Workflow

27 Using Report Binders

A Reason Codes for Account Reconciliation Auto-reconciliation Failures

B Order of Precedence Rules for Account Reconciliation

C Standard Currency Codes

D Supported Time Zones in Organization Units

E Order of Precedence Rules for Close Manager

F Archiving