Retrieving Temporary Variables

You use scripts to assign global, stored variables to the fields of a column. For example, if you are working with the Georgia screen, you begin by using the following script to assign the global variable GeorgiaCenter to the GeorgiaPutCenter function.

def GeorgiaPutCenter (strfield, strrecord)
return GeorgiaCenter

Then, in the Import Formats screen, you assign the script to the Expression field of the Entity row and, thus, assign the values of the global variables to the Entity fields. In this case, entity values are not read from the source file.

Because the Georgia file includes subtotal lines that must not be imported, the Skip function is required.

To direct FDMEE to skip lines without account numbers, you configure a Skip Row in the Import Format to recognize blank Account fields (15 blank spaces) by defining appropriate start and length fields for the expression.

The image shows the contents of the Georgia.glo GL screen. The screen shows Subtotal rows that must not be imported.