Configuring a Data Source Name (DSN)

To use the Extract Data to Database feature, you must configure a data source name (DSN) to provide a connection between the database server and application server. The DSN specifies the database server name and other database-related information, such as the username and password of a user with full access rights to the database server.

  To create a DSN:

  1. Select Navigate, then Administer, and then Consolidation Administration.

  2. From Admin Tasks, double-click Configure DSN.

  3. Click Create Data Source.

  4. Enter a Data Source Name for the destination database.

  5. From the Database Type drop-down list, select a database type: Oracle, SQL Server, or DB2.

  6. Enter a username and password.


    Ensure that the user is granted privileges to create, update, and delete tables.

  7. Enter the server Host name.

  8. Enter the Port number.

  9. Optional: Enter a default tablespace or filegroup name.

  10. Optional: Enter an index tablespace or filegroup name.

  11. Click Test Connection.

  12. When the system displays the “Successful” confirmation, click Save to save the DSN.

  13. Click Refresh to display the updated DSN information.

After you have created and saved a connection, it is displayed on the Configure DSN page. If you need to edit it at a later time, you can edit it by clicking Edit DSN, or you can delete it when it is no longer needed.