Auditing Tasks

You can use the Task Audit feature to view the tasks performed by users. You can filter audited tasks by date range, application server, user, and task performed.

If you are assigned the Application Administrator role, you can view, export, and delete task audit information. If you are not an administrator, but have the View Task Audit role, you can view and export task audit information.

These user activities are logged in the task audit:

  • Allocate

  • AutoMatch by Account

  • AutoMatch by ID

  • Chart Logic (Calculate)

  • Consolidation

  • Create Transactions

  • Data Audit Purged

  • Data Clear

  • Data Copy

  • Data Entry

  • Data Extract

  • Data Load

  • Delete All Transactions

  • Delete Invalid Records

  • Delete Transactions

  • Document Attachments

  • Document Detachments

  • Edit Transactions

  • IC Manage Periods

  • IC Manage Reason Codes

  • IC Manual Match

  • IC Matching Report by Account

  • IC Matching Report by ID

  • IC Transaction Report

  • Idle

  • Journal Entry

  • Journal Posting

  • Journal Template Entry

  • Journal Unposting

  • Lock/Unlock Entities

  • Logoff

  • Logon

  • Logon Failure

  • Member List Extract

  • Member List Load

  • Member List Scan

  • Metadata Extract

  • Metadata Load

  • Metadata Load Difference

  • Metadata Scan

  • Modify Application

  • Post All Transactions

  • Post Transactions

  • Rules Extract

  • Rules Load

  • Rules Scan

  • Security Extract

  • Security Load

  • Task Audit Purged

  • Transactions Extract

  • Transactions Load

  • Transactions Scan

  • Translation

  • Unmatch All Transactions

  • Unmatch IC Transactions

  • Unpost All Transactions

  • Unpost Transactions

The task audit log includes this information:

  • Username

  • Activity performed

  • Activity start time

  • Activity end time

  • Server name

  • Description

  • Current module

The task audit log information is stored in the (APPNAME_TASK_AUDIT) table. You can back up or extract the information in the table to a file, then clear the table. You should monitor the size of the log and clear it on a regular basis.

  To perform a task audit:

  1. Select Navigate, then Administer, and then Consolidation Administration.

  2. Select Administration, then Audit, and then Tasks.

  3. Optional: From the Filters panel, select filter criteria:

    • Application

    • Server

    • Date Range

      • To view all dates, select Include All.

      • To specify a date range, select Range, and then specify Minutes, Hours, Days, or Months.

      • To specify specific dates, select Custom, and then enter a Start and End date, or click the calendar icon to select dates.

    • Users

    • Tasks

  4. Optional: To export the audit information to a CSV file, click Export, or select Actions, and then Export and follow the download instructions.

  5. Optional: To delete entries based on the current filter settings, click Delete based on the current filter settings, or select Actions, and then Delete Filtered.

  6. Optional: To delete all entries from the log, click Delete All, or select Actions, and then Delete All.


    When you clear the log, a record of the clear process remains in the log and cannot be erased.