Verifying Imported Data

After importing the data into the target database, you must verify that the data has been imported correctly and completely.

  To verify imported data:

  1. In Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, select Navigate, then Applications, then Profitability, and then the application name to access the Profitability and Cost Management model.

  2. In the target application, open the model, and review the data that was expected in the import.

    For example, if you imported Stages, select Manage Model, then Stages and ensure the information for all stages is present and correct.

  3. Review the Exceptions column in each imported staging table to determine whether there are errors or warnings.

  4. Correct errors in the source staging tables, and then rerun the import.

    Repeat step 2 through step 3 as required until no errors are generated during the import.