Adding Assumptions Account Attributes

  To add assumptions account attributes:

  1. Open an ACM document.

    See Using ACM in Smart View.

  2. Select Edit, then Add Assumptions Accounts.

  3. Optional: To specify which accounts are listed in Available Accounts, from Filter Accounts, select an account group.

  4. In Available Accounts, select an account.

    • Press Shift to select a range.

    • Press Ctrl to select multiple, nonconsecutive items.

  5. Click Add.

    The account is listed in Selected Accounts.


    If you add a report that does not belong, select it under Selected Accounts and click Remove.

  6. Optional: Select source scenarios under Scenario and Account.

    Use Scenario to specify source and target scenarios.

  7. Under Transfer Type, select value types:

    • Input Values—Copies account input values. Default.

    • Output Values—Copies account output values.

  8. Under Cell Text, select cell text types:

    • Scenario Text—Copies cell notes for scenarios.

    • Input Text—Copies cell notes for input values.

    • Output Text—Copies cell notes for output values.

  9. Under Time Periods for Assumptions, select time period types:

    • History Periods—Copies historical periods.

    • Forecast Periods—Copies forecast periods. Default.

  10. Click OK.