Accessing ACM Documents

  To access ACM documents:

  1. Select Server, then Assumptions Change Manager.

    Assumptions Change Manager lists:

    • Server—The current Strategic Finance server

    • Database—The current Strategic Finance database

    • ACM Documents—A lists available ACM documents:

      • Name—The name identifying the ACM document.

      • Checked Out By—Any users currently accessing documents.

      • Last Run—The dates documents were last performed.

  2. Perform an action:

    • To create ACM documents, click Create.

    • To open ACM documents for editing or running, select one and click Check Out.

    • To open ACM document copies checked out by other users, select one and click Open as Copy.

    • To free ACM documents currently checked out, select one and click Release Lock.

    • To delete ACM documents, select one and click Delete.

  3. Click Close.