Using Alias Manager

Use Alias Manager to create aliases for entities, used when linking external entities to Freestyle Reports.

  To create aliases using Alias Manager:

  1. Select Reports, then Freestyle Reports, and then Alias Manager.

  2. Specify the location:

    • Use Entity from Server (“Entity”)

      For server entities.

    • Use local file (“Filename”)

      For local files.

  3. Review aliases information:

    Alias Manager lists:

    • Alias: The alias name.

    • File Name/Entity

      A multimode column listing alias sources:

      • File Name

        For local files, this lists the filepath and referenced file.

      • Entity

        For server implementations, this lists the referenced entity.

    • Password / Archive

      A multimode column:

      • Password

        For password-protected files, enter the password.

      • Archive

        For aliases referencing archived entities, this lists the archive.

    • Count

      The number of times the alias is currently cited in all Freestyle Reports.

    • Calc

      The current status of the referenced entity or file:


      Values need recalculating.


      Values are calculated.

    • Status

      The current description of the entity or file:

      • Open

        Someone is accessing the entity.

      • Changed

        The entity needs recalculating.

      • Current

        The entity is calculated and closed.

    • Label

      If an entity is in a labelled consolidation, this lists the label.

  4. Optional: To create aliases, click New.

  5. Click OK.