Autonumbering Subaccounts

Use Autonumber to create multiple subaccounts in batch. Select a starting point, the number of subaccounts to create, and a counting increment to define a pattern to use in creating and numbering the subaccounts. You can apply the pattern to many accounts through a multi-select list box.

When you create accounts, the following applies:

  • The first subaccount inherits rules from the main account.

  • You may have subaccounts outside autonumber patterns. The pattern is not saved, so you can add other subaccounts later.

  • Autonumber applies for subaccounts of a main account. For example, if you create accounts using authomumber, and have subaccounts, subaccounts are created if the pattern is valid.

  To autonumber subaccounts:

  1. In Subaccount Options, select a subaccount and click Autonumber.

    See Adding and Maintaining Subaccounts

    Autonumber displays.

  2. Under Apply Pattern to, select the main account to subaccount.

    Click Find Accounts to search accounts.

  3. Under Subaccount Pattern, define the numbering system:

    • In Number of Subaccounts, enter a number of subbacounts to create.

    • In Beginning Number, enter the starting number.

    • In Increment, enter the increment between successive numbers.

  4. Optional: Click Forecast.

    Because subaccounts inherit the main account forecast method, the autonumber interface enables access to Forecast Method, so you can change forecast methods before adding subaccounts.

  5. Click Run.

    Autonumber validates for two potential problems:

    • It ensures subaccount patterns do not exceed 999.

    • It checks to see if subaccounts exist using those numbers. For example, if subaccount 026 exists and you create a pattern beginning with subaccount 006, incrementing by 5 for up to 10 subaccounts, subaccount 026 can be overwritten. Because this validation may bring up numerous accounts, they are written to a log file.

  6. Click Close.

    This closes Autonumber and returns you to Subaccount Options. The patterns displayed are not saved.