Specifying Child Entity Characteristics

Child entity characteristics define how children behave during consolidation.

  To specify child entity characteristics:

  1. Open a consolidation structure.

  2. Select an entity. select Entity Characteristics.

    The entity name displays in the title bar: Consolidation Data for <Entity name>.

  3. On Consolidation Data for <Entity name>, select Child Attributes.

  4. Optional: Under Method Used, select a consolidation method to determine the consolidated accounts:


    Information about using methods—When you use the Cost, Equity, or Minority Interest Consolidation methods, the subaccount structures should be similar. See Important Facts about the Equity, Cost, and Minority Interest Methods.

    • Optional: Under Target Subaccount, select a subaccount.

      Target Subaccount is available with Equity if account v2420 in the parent entity has subaccounts. This method has calculations for v2420. If v2420 has subaccounts, specify which subaccount receives the child entities values.

    • Optional: Under Equity Groups, select an account group.

      With Equity, account groups you select here are consolidated into the parent.

  5. Optional: In Ownership % of Selected Entity, enter a value.

    Enter the percentage of the entity to be consolidated. Enter the number as an integer with two decimal places.

    For example, if sales in the first forecast period of the child entity were $200 and 100% is consolidated, $200 are consolidated. If it is 80%, $160 are consolidated.

  6. Under Periods to Consolidate into the Parent, select time periods for the consolidation.

    • Period to Begin Consolidation

      Select the starting time period.

      The time period range must be within the range of the consolidated parent—see Time Periods in Consolidated Parents and Child Entities.

      • First Period in File—Consolidates starting in the first time period in the entity.

      • <Deal Period>— Consolidates starting in the deal period. Balance sheets from the main or .00 accounts consolidate into the respective accounts .2 or acquisition-related accounts in the consolidated parent.

      • Other available options display.

    • Period to End Consolidation

      Select the last time period.

  7. Click Apply or Apply to All Scenarios.


    On Child Attributes, this saves child attributes only.