Inserting Rows

  To insert rows:

  1. In the Accounts view, select a row.

  2. Select Edit, then Insert, and then Text Row.

  3. On Insert Text Row, select an option:

    • Blank Text Row

      Create an empty row.

    • Subtotal Line

      Create a row with a line indicating a subtotal row following.

    • Total Line

      Create a row with double lines for indicating a total row following.

    • User Defined

      Create a custom row break. Select one or both of these:

      • Text for Account Name Columns

        Add a name to the row break, and enter the name in this field.

      • Text to Fill Data Columns

        Add a row break across the row and enter a character in this field. The columns in the row display this character to indicate a break.

  4. Click Insert.