Copying Local Files to Servers

Local Strategic Finance (.alc) files can be checked in to servers to be stored as entities.

  To copy local Strategic Finance files to servers:

  1. Open a Strategic Finance file.

  2. Select Server then Copy Local File to Server.

  3. In New Entity Name, enter a unique name identifying the entity in the server.

    This name identifies the file from now on.

  4. In File Name, enter the path to the local file.

    Optional: Click Browse to search.

  5. Select a location:

    • Select Place at Root to store entities at the root level. Used for:

      • Standalone entities

      • Entity structure parents

    • Deselect Place at Root to store entities as children, and select parents in New Entity will be a Child of the Selected Entity.

  6. Optional: Select Keep Local File's Data.

    • Selected—stores the file and all data.

    • Deselected—stores only account and time period structure.

  7. Click OK.

  8. When prompted for a successful check in, click OK.