Setting General Information About Currency Translations

On General Information, you define source and target currencies, exchange scales, and rate names, if applicable.

For importing exchange rates, see Rules for Importing Exchange Rates before proceeding.

  To set general currency translation information:

  1. Access Currency Translator.

    See Using the Currency Translator.

  2. Select General Information.

  3. Under Define Exchange Rates As, select the currency-to-currency type conversion.

    For example, you are translating Dollars per Peso. The rate in the memo account is the number of Dollars equalling one Peso.

    If you do not see the currency in the list, enter the name.

  4. Optional: Under Scale, change the scale of the translated data.

    Change the scale when more of one currency to makes less of the other. For example, you change the scale to millions or thousands to eliminate trailing zeros.

    As with the default currency, enter the default scale in File, then Summary Info, and then see the following link:

    See Specifying File Summary Data Displayed in Reports

  5. Optional: Select Use Rates from Current Source File to import forecasted rates, and click Browse to select a file.

    After choosing a file, click Import Rates to load the rates. This creates a dynamic link—any changes made to the source file affect the translated file. Last Imported Source File and Last Imported Date reflect the most recent import.

  6. Set exchange rates—see Setting Exchange Rates for Currency Translations

  7. Click Translate.