Selecting ASCII File Options

  To select ASCII file options for export:

  1. Optional: Select an Delimiter for Data Items... option to define a delimiter—Comma or Tab—within the ASCII format.

  2. Optional: Select an Export Calculated Values of... option to specify which accounts—All Acccounts or Input Accounts Only—should be exported.

  3. Optional: Select an Include Values for... option to specify which time periods should be included in the export:

    • All Time Periods—Includes both input time periods and calculated time periods (that is, annual periods with monthly or quarterly data and period-to-date periods).

    • Input Periods Only—Includes only periods that contain input values.

  4. Optional: Select an Index Values by... option to specify how the exported data should be indexed:

    • HSF Account Number

    • Account Name

  5. Click OK.