Creating User-Defined Dimensional Structures


When dimensional accounts contain data, adding child members deletes all data in the parent member.

Use these rules when naming dimension or members:

  • Dimension names are validated against other dimensions.

  • Member names must be unique—even across dimensions.

  • Members are not case sensitive (South=souTh=SOUTH).

  • Member cannot share names with dimensions.

  • Dimension and member names can contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, hyphens, slashes, periods, commas, and colons.

  To create user-defined dimensional structures:

  1. Select Accounts, then Dimension, and then Maintenance.

  2. Option: To create dimensions, click Add Sibling and enter a name.

  3. Option: To create members, select a dimension, click Add Child. and enter a member name.

  4. Option: To create nested members, select a member, click Add Child, and enter a member name.

  5. Click OK.