Copying Account Attributes

  To copy account attributes:

  1. Select Server, and then select Entity Change Management.

  2. Open an ECM document.

  3. Select Accounts.

  4. Select Edit, then Add Account Change, and then Change Account Attributes.

  5. Under Available Accounts, select an account. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple accounts.

    Optional: In Available Accounts, select an option in Filter Accounts to filter the accounts that are displayed, such as just exchange rate accounts or input accounts.

  6. Click Add.

  7. If the subaccount exists in the target but you wish to overwrite it with new attributes, select Overwrite attributes if account exists.

  8. In Selected Accounts, select accounts and, under Scenario, select a scenario.

  9. From Account Change Options indicate how and what to copy to the target entities:

    • Match Required Element State—Copy the required element state.

    • Rename Accounts —Rename subaccounts in the target entity to match those in the base entity.

    • Forecast Method—Copy the forecast method.

    • Subtotal Method—Copy the subtotal method.

    • Account Note—Copy account notes.

  10. Select User-defined Account Change Options, and then specify to copy to target entities:

    • Calculation Method—Copy calculation methods for user-defined accounts. See UDA Attributes.

    • Aggregation Method—Copy just aggregation methods.

    • Output Type—Copy the output type for currency, items, ratios, and percents.

    • Output Units—Copy output units for ones, millions, etc.

  11. Optional: Click Select All Attributes to copy all subaccount attributes.

  12. Click OK.