Renumbering Subaccounts

  To renumber subaccounts:

  1. Select Server and then select Entity Change Management.

  2. Open an ECM document.

  3. Select Accounts.

  4. Select Edit, then Add Account Change, and then select Renumber Subaccounts.

  5. Under Available Accounts, select an account.

    For selecting multiple accounts:

    • Press Shift to select a range.

    • Press Ctrl to select multiple, nonconsecutive items.

    Optional: In Available Accounts, select an option in Filter Accounts to filter the accounts displayed. For example to display only input: and calc accounts, select All Input or Calc Accounts.

  6. Click Add.


    If you incorrectly added an account, select it under Selected Accounts, and then click Remove.

  7. In Selected Accounts, under Renumber Last 3 Digits from, enter a number from 1-999.

    Strategic Finance adds the preceding zeros if you do not enter three digits. For example, if you enter “1”, the entry becomes “001”.

  8. Click OK.