Selecting Default Number Formats

Default number formats determine how accounts display in reports. For example, the default for ratio accounts is three decimal places—change it to one, all ratios display with one decimal place. To change single accounts, use Number Format—see Formatting Numbers.

  To select default number formats:

  1. Select OLE.

  2. Select Format, then Default Number Formats.

  3. On Default Number Formats, in Default Format, select an option:

    • Currency with Symbol

      Displays numeric data as currency, preceded by a currency symbol. For international currency symbols, press Alt and enter the ASCII code for the character—for example, Alt-156 for £ or Alt-157 for ¥.

    • Currency without Symbol

      Displays numeric data as currency—no currency symbol.

    • Items, Days, Turns

      Same as Currency without Symbol, but for user-defined accounts (Memo Accounts, Ratios, and Covenants) displaying in non-currency formats, such as items (quantity), days (A/R days) or turns (Inventory).

    • Percentages

      Displays numeric data in percentages.

    • Ratios

      Same as Items, Days, Turns.

    • Dates

      Displays formats for different dates—for example, 10/30/02.

  4. In Sample, you can preview the current default format.

  5. Click Change.

  6. On Format, in Category, select an option, and in Type, select a format.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click Close.