Finding and Replacing Data

  To use Find and Replace:

  1. From any Strategic Finance view, select the Accounts view.

    From Accounts view, select an Account, then Rename Related Accounts.

  2. Select Edit, then Find & Replace.

  3. In Search For text , enter a term, which can be words and/or numbers.

  4. Select one:

    • Find — Locates the term.

    • Replace With — Locates and replaces the term with another.

  5. Under Search select:

    • All— Search the entire model.

    • Range—Search part of the model.

  6. Optional: Select Match case, and the action is case-sensitive.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Perform an action:

    • Click Replace

      to replace one instance of the term.

    • Click Replace All

      to replace all instances of the term.

    • Click Find Next to skip an instance.

    • Click Close.