Using Goal Seek for a Time Series

  To use Goal Seek for a time series:

  1. From any Strategic Finance view, select Analysis, then What if Analysis, and then Goal Seek.

  2. Select Time Series.

  3. In Set Account, select the goal account.

  4. In To Values in Account, select a source account to contain the goal.

    You can use Memo Accounts.

  5. In By Changing Account, select the source account affecting the goal.

    This account must be related to the goal account through a formula. To view account relationships to determine if there is such a formula, see Using Analyze.

  6. In In Period and To, enter the years to change the source account.

  7. Click Inputs to enter values.

    See Entering and Editing Data with Account Input.

  8. Click Seek .

  9. Either use the returned adjustments in your mode or reject the results.