Configuring Graphs

  To configure graphs:

  1. Access Graph.

    See Using Graphs.

  2. In View, select a graph, and select Configure.

    The graph name appears in the Current Graph to Configure field of the Configure tab.

  3. Select options:

    • Automatically Update—applies the most recent changes made to the graph

    • Show Scenario—display the scenario

    • Show Legend—identify the graph components

    • Show Title—display the graph title.

    • Show X-Axis Title—display the title on the X axis.

    • Show Y-Axis Title —display the title on the Y axis

  4. In Chart Type, select a graph type.

    Optional: You can select other options regarding graph type:

    • To stack data, select Stacked Data.

    • To express data as a percentage, rather than a value, select % Axis.

  5. Optional: To modify the graph, perform one or more actions:

    • To resize the graph, enlarge or reduce the size of the graph window.

    • To rotate the graph, press Ctrl, and, when the cursor changes, use the mouse to rotate the graph.

  6. Click Apply, and view the graph.

  7. Click Close.