Viewing Basic Data

  To use basic data:

  1. Access Graph.

    See Using Graphs.

  2. To create a graph, enter the name in Graph Name, and click Add.


    The name displayed in the Available list is not the title of the graph. The graph title is entered in the Configure tab.

  3. From Available, select a graph.

  4. Optional: To modify items displayed in the View tab, perform an action:

    • To change the graph name, in Available, select the graph, enter a name, and click the checkmark.

    • To revert to the previous name (after you rename a graph), click the X.

    • To delete a graph, select it, and click Delete.

  5. Optional: To import data from another Strategic Finance file into the selected graph, in Graph Data, click Import, and select the file.


    Only data that falls within the analysis time period is imported.

  6. Optional: To specify the time of the next data update for the selected graph, deselectAutomatically Update), click Data Update, and then define an update time.

  7. Click Apply.

  8. Click Close.