Adding Accounts to Account Groups

  To add accounts to account groups:

  1. Create an account group.

    See Creating Account Groups.

  2. From Account Groups, select Account List.

  3. In Group, select a group.

  4. Optional: If a group has accounts that should be in the new group, click Copy Group.

  5. Optional: You use permission groups to allow an administrator to set access permissions for all accounts in the group, select Permission Group.

    Assign the account group to the user group.

    See Creating Local Access Control Groups and Setting Group Management Restrictions.

  6. In Available Accounts, select and add accounts to the group in Selected Accounts.


    This box lists accounts belonging to groups. Accounts appear on the Accounts view in the order they appear in this list.

    Add accounts as follows:

    • In Available Accounts, double-click on accounts.

    • Browse to the account. See Finding Accounts.

      Options to narrow your search:

    • In Search for Accounts containing, enter keywords to filter out other accounts in Available Accounts.

    • Select Display only ‘Main’ accounts in list to filter out all subaccounts and dimensions in Available Accounts.

  7. Optional: Reorder selected accounts as they display in the Accounts view by selecting accounts in Selected Accounts, and clicking the up and down arrows.

  8. Optional: Specify how subaccounts display by selecting an option from Subaccounts.

    • None—Displays only main accounts.

    • All Input Accounts—Displays only input subaccounts, not main accounts or subtotaled subaccounts.

    • All Input and Main Accounts—Displays input subaccounts and main accounts, not subtotaled subaccounts.

    • All—Displays input subaccounts, main accounts, and subtotaled subaccounts.

  9. Optional: Specify dimension display from Dimensions:

    Dimensions determine the display of dimensions when adding main accounts. Available only when All subaccounts are selected in Subaccounts:

    • None—Displays no dimensions.

    • All Input Accounts—Displays input dimensions, not main dimensional accounts or subtotaled dimensional subaccounts.

    • All input and Main Accounts—Displays input dimensions and main dimensional accounts, not dimensional subtotaled subaccount.

    • All—Displays input dimensions, main dimensional accounts, and subtotaled dimensional subaccount.

  10. Optional: Select Include subaccounts for user-defined accounts to add the subaccounts of user-defined accounts.

  11. Optional: Select Include accounts that have been turned off to add inactive accounts.

  12. Click OK.