Creating Account Groups

  To create account groups:

  1. From Strategic Finance worksheet, select Accounts, then Account Groups.

  2. In Account Groups, select General.

  3. Click the New (Insert) .

  4. Under The New Group is a... on Type of New Group, select an option and click OK:

    • List of Accounts—Creates groups of accounts.

    • List of Groups—Creates groups of account groups.

    • Account Separator—Creates a line to separate groups in a list.

  5. When the group appears in Available Groups, enter a unique name.

  6. Optional: To change the group display order in Available Groups and View on the Accounts view, select a group and click the up and down arrows.

  7. In Header, enter the heading for the group to be displayed on the Accounts view.

  8. Optional: Click Hide Group from Filter in Accounts View to hide the group on the Accounts view.

  9. In Default Dataview, select the dataview for display by default when accessing the group.

  10. Add accounts.

    See Adding Accounts to Account Groups.

  11. Click OK.