Setting Batch Properties

After creating batches, specify properties to identify the server, application, and database for the import or export.

  To set batch properties:

  1. From Batch Manager, select a batch and click Check Out.

    See Working With Batches.

  2. Select Batch, then Properties.

  3. Select a server and database

  4. In Server Connection, enter the domain name or IP Address of the Planning server.

    By naming the server of another Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System product, you give the Strategic Finance server a way of locating the source or destination.

  5. For products based on Essbase, in Application, enter the name of the application in which the database resides.

    The specified application is a container located on the server, and within which databases are stored.

  6. In Database, enter the name of the database in which source data resides or where destination data is written.

  7. In Default Map, enter the name of the map.

  8. Optional: If the source entity contains an HSF Link to another entity, select Update HSF Links?.

    An HSF Link connects two Strategic Finance entities. Unless you specify batch properties to update, Strategic Finance does not recalculate linked values during export.

  9. To be notified when the import or export finishes finished, select Email on Completion?, and then specify an e-mail address