Renumbering Single Subaccounts

Use Renumber Subaccount to change a subaccount number and all of its references in the model, freeing previous numbers for reuse.

  To renumber one subaccount:

  1. In Subaccount Options, select a subaccount and click Renumber.

    See Adding and Maintaining Subaccounts

  2. Select Single.

  3. Current Main Account lists the current main account name.


  4. Under Current Subaccount Number select a subaccount to renumber.

  5. Under New Subaccount Number, enter a subaccount number.

    Use numeric characters only.

  6. Optional: To renumber multiple accounts, see Renumbering Multiple Subaccounts

  7. Click Apply to make the changes.

    Strategic Finance validates the subaccount number is unused.

  8. Click Close.