Creating Combined Scenarios

Use the Scenario Manager—Combined Scenarios tab to create combined scenarios. See Creating Combined Scenarios for rules.

  To create combined scenarios:

  1. Select Analysis, then What if ?, and then Scenario Manager.

  2. Select Combined Scenarios.

  3. Click New.

  4. In Create Combined Scenario, enter a name and click OK.

  5. Optional: In Comments, enter a description.

  6. In Available Scenarios, select a scenario and click >> to add it to Selected Scenarios.

    Repeat for each scenario.

  7. Optional: Select Warn about Overlapping Accounts to receive warnings with overlapping accounts between scenarios.

  8. Optional: Use the arrows to reorder the scenarios in Selected Scenarios.

    Follow these rules:

    • Combined scenarios inherit the Actuals Rule from the last Scenario in Selected Scenarios.

    • Overlapping accounts may be used, but the order of the scenarios is important.

  9. Click OK.